A dramatic, breathtaking feature documentary which accompanies three of the world’s best ski mountaineers on Mount St. Elias during their attempt to accomplish the world’s longest skiing descent.

In the midst of Alaska’s dangerous beauty, Mount St. Elias chronicles a visionary borderline experience in which the unprecedented physical strain and mental pressure bring the protagonists to the absolute limit. They find themselves in puristic situations in which heroism or folly often cannot be distinguished from each other. Situations which often can only be mastered if reason is supposedly blanked out, and courage and trust become guidelines in the struggle against one’s own mind.

The two Austrian ski mountaineers Axel Naglich and Peter Ressmann as well as the American freeski mountaineer John Johnston accept this challenge! A team with individual abilities, but also a team comprised of Alpha people, in which every single person knows that there is no survival without teamwork. Due to his charismatic and authentic nature, Axel Naglich especially becomes the chief character who in the constant struggle – not with nature, but with himself – knows how to polarize as a strong character.

This is a film about people who accept the mountain as a challenge. It is a process whose vision becomes a lived adventure, featuring people who are shaped by their roots, who want to experience their passion as intensively as possible and above all want to survive.





Producer, Director: Gerald Salmina

Production Manager: Ruth Salmina

Script: Gerald Salmina

Executive Producer: Michael Lythcott


Günther Göberl, Gerald Salmina, Peter Thompson, Michael Kelem, Christof Oefelein, Jim Surette, Robert Frost, Franz Recktenwald, Mike Single, Bernd Pröschold

Edit: Gerald Salmina

VFX: Karim Shafik

Sound Design: Andreas Frei

Mix: Bernhard Maisch

Music: Andreas Frei, Ludwig Heili, Matt Reardon

Orchestrator: Gerrit Wunder


winner of 37 international Festival prizes