The Carinthian lake Wörthersee – the embodiment of all “Seensüchte” [lake longings] – has always been chic and partially more well-known than the federal province itself. Not only Carinthia’s summer dreams come true in the crystal-clear turquoise color of the lake’s water and with its Mediterranean flair. The greatest events, the “whitest” festivals, the most beautiful villas, the most expensive yachts and many other aspects are the superlatives which have been alluring visitors for decades. While the Wörthersee was a coveted health resort of the European aristocracy in the beginning of the last century, in the 1960s and 1970s it became the society venue for celebrities from all over the world. For more than five decades it has also been a picturesque setting for countless film productions, in whose wake the Wörthersee became a dream destination for package holidaymakers. But it was also always the inhabitants who felt home here and created a fascinating symbiosis of landscape and human beings.

The wide expanse of the lake is a mecca for fishing enthusiasts and provides all sorts of opportunities for those who love water sports. Swimming, sailing and water skiing are virtually celebrated here. The arguably most beautiful alpine lake impresses visitors with drinking water quality, Mediterranean climate and unique nature, which composer Gustav Mahler probably described most aptly: “One does not compose, one is composed by the beauty and magnitude of the surrounding nature!”

The TV documentaries “Heimatleuchten - Seensucht Wörthersee” (“Homeland luminaries - longing for Wörthersee”) and "Österreichs Riviera" (“Austria’s Riviera”) accompany very different people in the region while they go about their work or simply with regard to their lived passion for the Wörthersee. A boat builder, a fisherman, an award-winning chef, a villa owner, water skiers from the Pörtschach water sports club and many others describe their fascination for the Wörthersee in varying ways and from very different perspectives.

The documentaries also embark on an amusing and informative journey into the Wörthersee’s past. Contemporary witnesses and celebrities from the realm of show business and social life are travel companions in an epoch which substantially contributed to the legend of the Wörthersee and made this region the Riviera of the alpine country.

We also take a look behind the scenes of the holiday destination Wörthersee to learn what accounts for the fascination behind the legend and why it still allures people to the Wörthersee – on holiday, in spare time and in terms of life in the homeland.

Namaste at the lake


Servus TV: Heimatleuchten

Length: 50 minutes

first release in two episodes:

Seensucht Wörthersee 27th May 2016 20:15 on Servus TV

Riviera Österreichs 3rd June 2016 20:15 on Servus TV