TV Documentary

Markus Pucher

Few move so quickly and safely in steep icefalls, hardly anyone makes so difficult all-in-one. Markus Pucher is an extreme athlete, who usually runs his adventures all by himself. The alpine loner is, paradoxically, also a caring father, and by the way, even Austrian master in arm wrestling.

Quite quietly, the Carinthian has developed into one of the most complete Alpine mountaineers of the present. Both in the familiar Maltatal and in the mountains of the world he left his traces in the form of wild first ascents - about which he barely loses a word. Probably also to be able to realize his ideal of romantic mountaineering, freedom and independence. Alone, ice incrusted, exposed to the merciless wind, the Carinthian Markus Pucher stood on the summit of Cerro Torre on 27th December 2014.

No one else was on that day in the mountains of Patagonia. The conditions can be described as hair-raising. However, Pucher wanted to "just look if it is still possible for him". Just two years earlier, he had climbed the Ferrari route on the west side of the Cerro Torre ‘free solo’. This made Pucher the fifth solo ascent of the Cerro Torre, the second solo of the "Ferrari-Route" and the first free solo ascent of the Cerro Torre. For the ascent he needed 3.15, for the descent 2.30 hours. In December 2014 he needed much longer - the adventure ended almost in the fiasco. At the very last moment Pucher could brake a fall in the descent with his ice-tools. Triumph and tragedy are so close to each other on the difficult mountains of this world. And seldom comes anyone who has experienced such an extreme situation back healthy enough to tell about it.

Markus Pucher: "Yes, I know why I do that. For me it is a feeling of freedom and vitality. On the summit of Cerro Torre I am happy. For a few minutes I am quite still, thanking the mountain, then I leave. "

The narrow line between performance and suffering on the one hand, responsibility for himself and the family on the other - that is the leitmotif of Markus Pucher's cinematic portrait. The highlight of this tale is his adventure at the Cerro Torre, but other facets of his life and activities are also shown: life at home with wife and two daughters, the playful and at the same time serious climbing in the Carinthian Maltatal, being on the way as a mountain guide with guests and challenges in the Western Alps. Not only Pucher himself speaks. His family, as well as close friends and companions, speak about the man who has nerves of steel.


Servus TV: Bergwelten

Length: 47 minutes

first release: 3rd April 2017 at 20:15 on Servus TV


Text: Tom Dauer

Producer/Director: Gerald Salmina

Camera: Günther Göberl, Hans Hornberger, Gerald Salmina, Markus Pucher

Drone: Rainer Raitmaier, Carsten Darr / Hans Hornberger

Edit: David Hofer

Sound Design: Andreas Frei