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The Dachstein

The Dachstein is not merely a summit – it is a complete mountain. It reflects that in many ways: in its topography, in its allure for alpinists and in the cultural history featured at its feet. The documentary entitled “Dachstein – Der komplette Berg” (“Dachstein – the complete mountain”) combines these three perspectives into a portrait that focuses on the Hohe Dachstein massif (2,993 meters).

Its 800 meter high south wall – together with the south walls of the mountains Mitterspitz and Torstein – forms a massive bulwark that is unequalled throughout the Alps. In the north, the Schladminger, Hallstätter und Gosauer glaciers formed and still form a high alpine landscape which contrasts with the greenery of dense forests and the deep blue of the lake known as Hallstätter See. In the west, the wild jagged Gosaukamm massif is reminiscent of the Dolomites, while the isolated karst of the Dachstein plateau extends towards the east. There is no form of alpine landscape which would not be represented on the Dachstein.

The documentary “Dachstein – Der komplette Berg” spotlights this natural beauty in stunning images. Mountain guide Heli Putz, who grew up at the Simony Hut, traverses the mountain range from east to west with a guest. The Krippenstein, a neighboring mountain in the Dachstein range, presents itself as a playground for freeriders and ice climbers. Cave explorer Peter Seethaler explores the Hirlatz Cave and thereby penetrates the geological substructure of the Dachstein massif. Heli Putz and paragliding legend Christian Amon show that the Dachstein offers great challenges to classic alpinists with the example of the Windlegergrat, the longest mountain ridge in the Eastern Alps. The attempt to make a free ascent of the “South Wall Direttissima” route – 50 years after the mountain was made accessible to climbers – constitutes the mountaineering highlight!

Another anniversary celebrated around the world is also echoed around the Dachstein. 500 years after Martin Luther nailed his theses to the portal of the All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, Brigitta Wallner’s story is reminiscent of the fate of “secret Protestants” in the Salzkammergut region. At the risk of her own life the messenger smuggled bibles from Hallstatt over the mountain Salzberg into her homeland. Her deeds are a small, but important episode in the rich history of the Dachstein region, which can be reconstructed in Hallstatt from the Stone Age to this day.

The people who know and love the mountain – and regard it as their homeland – create a connection between the physiographical, mountaineering and historical elements of the documentary. Their routes up, in and around the mountain combine to render a narrative that merits the title “Dachstein – the complete mountain”.


Servus TV: Bergwelten

Length: 50 minutes

first release: March 2017 20:15 on Servus TV


Producer: Gerald Salmina

Script, Director: Tom Dauer

Production Manager: Katrin Pischounig

Camera: Günther Göberl, Hans Hornberger, Franz Hinterbrandner, Bezi Freinademetz, Flo Lackner

Sound: Johannes Stelzl, Gerd Jochum

Edit: David Hofer

Sound Design: Andreas Frei

Production Servus TV: Melanie Kaboto

Program responsibility Servus TV: Hans Peter Stauber