The Matterhorn - From Legend to brand

On July 14, 1865 – exactly 150 years ago – the Matterhorn was climbed for the first time. Bergwelten (Austrian “Servus TV” program) is using this event as an opportunity to case a glance at the most exciting events on the most famous mountain in the Alps: highlights include the first ascent of the summit, the first climb up the north face in 1931 and the legendary winter solo effort by Italian Walter Bonatti in 1965 as well as unique achievements of contemporary mountaineers.

The film impresses through spectacular climbing shots and unique settings from filming in the face of the mountain. And it accompanies people whose life is inseparably linked with the unique mountain on the Swiss-Italian border. Zermatt mountain guide Michi Lerjen grew up on the Swiss side more or less on the mountain. On the other hand, Hervé Barmasse comes from the Italian side. As the descendant of a mountain guide family he knows the Matterhorn like no other.

A realization remains in the end: regardless of which pioneering feats have already been rendered on the Matterhorn, even today the mountain still has the last word.

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Bergwelten - Episode 55

Length: 50 minutes

Cast: Michi Lerjen / Urs Lerjen / Anita Lerjen / Hervé Barmasse / Marco Barmasse / Couloir Barmasse / Maria Roldan

Director: Gerald Salmina, Jochen Hemmleb

Script: Jochen Hemmleb, Gerald Salmina

Camera: Günther Göberl

Edit: Gerald Salmina

Sound: Johannes Stelzl

Production Servus TV: Melanie Kaboto

Program Responsibility Servus TV: Hans Peter Stauber

Release: Servus TV 10th July 2015