In the documentary entitled "The Felix Baumgartner Story", the BASE jumper and exceptional athlete – supported by companions and his mother – looks back on world records and sensational actions which brought him to the limits of feasibility.

Leaving the familiar behind is a creative process from which new ideas emerge. Felix Baumgartner takes this path, constantly in search of tasks which challenge him.

"Learn to love what you have been taught to fear!" Felix Baumgartner’s motto explains his path and his athletic milestones. It is an intellectual approach that allows a person to plunge deeper into this extreme world and creates an understanding for the phenomenon Felix Baumgartner.


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Length: 49 minutes

Release: 25th April 2010

Release: Servus TV

Distributor: Red Bull Media House


Executive Producer: Felix Baumgartner, Philipp Manderla


Seppi Dabringer

Günther Göberl

Gerhard Lappan

Christof Öfelein

Gerald Salmina

Heli Sommer

Edit: Gerald Salmina, Felix Baumgartner

Graphics/Grading: Karim Shafik

Sound Design: Andreas Frei

Photography: Konrad Lagger, Bernhard Spöttel

Subtitles: Evi Pribyl