Brothers of the Wind

Gerald Salmina: idea for the film "The way of the eagle!"

One of the main reasons to write the script for this film and to produce it is my wife. With considerable dedication she selflessly and lovingly takes care of small wild animals at our home, which have been injured or are too young and therefore have no chance of surviving in their natural habitat. Eventually they are released in the wild again and returned to nature. I am fascinated by the behavior, abilities and social sensitivity of these wild animals.

That’s why it is a matter of great concern for me to show that our homeland, the Alpine region, is a region that is more than worthy of protection and a self-contained, fascinating cosmos that also has a unique beauty. In this world, the eagle is the animal that one very rarely or never catches sight of. As a filmmaker and wildlife producer it excites me all the more to come close to an eagle and to become acquainted with its world. That is why I see this film project as a chance to plunge into an unknown world together with the audience and also to go on a journey of discovery in the relationship between man and animal.

With this film I would particularly like to generate a greater understanding and thereby lasting respect for wild animals. The aim is to help the audience to better understand and in succession to protect our fellow inhabitants of this planet by means of great “cinematic” emotion. Writing the script for the film together with Otmar Penker emerged from the fascination of observing a magic between man and animal, especially with wild animals observed in moments very few people have been allowed to experience up to now.

Animals are soulful creatures, just like us. Here I follow the realization by Konrad Lorenz that animals have all that a human also has, but they merely have less of everything: joy, sorrow, grief, anger... We humans have raised ourselves above nature and the animals, yet if all that would be lost it would also be our demise. That’s why it is important not to completely lose the wildness and freedom for wild animals, and to preserve the originality.



Cast: Jean Reno, Manuel Camacho, Tobias Moretti

Gerardo Olivares (Drama Director)

Otmar Penker (Wildlife Director)

Gerald Salmina (Wildlife Producer)

country of production: Österreich

production compaby: Terra Mater Factual Studios

year of release: 2016

release: in theatres 29.1.2016

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