Audi e-tron climbs the hill

Driver: Mattias Ekström (Rallye Cross world champion)

Car: Audi E-tron prototype

Location: The Mausefalle, the steepest course section (85%) of the legendary STREIF ski downhill race.

Legend: We were honored to produce this action clip, which is the successor of the famous Audi ski hill clip of 1986, for our longtime partner Red Bull.

Production: Three drones, five GoPro POVs ans six high tech cameras (Red, Phantom, Canona) were needed by our experienced "Streif - one hell of a ride" team to visualize this challenge never been done before.

Audience: Until now there are more than 20 million klicks for the AUDI E-TRON HILLClIMB.

Audi e-tron climbs the hill