NEPAL - One Year Later

One year ago, in April 2015, Nepal is rocked by several severe earthquakes which go down as the worst in the country’s history. More than 8,600 people die, and hundreds of thousands lose their home.

Aid also arrives in the form of relief supplies from Austria as well as a special relief campaign from Tyrol. One “mountain tribe” helps the other... Axel Naglich (extreme skier, racing director of the Hahnenkamm Races, architect), Stephan Keck (extreme mountaineer, mountain guide) and Josef Einwaller (mountaineer, businessman), who happen to be staying in Kathmandu during the quake, initially organize immediate emergency measures in which more than 20 tons of relief supplies are shipped to Nepal. In particular, tents, sleeping bags, thermal mats and warm clothing get to remote, severely affected regions.

After that, the trio of mountaineers – who are deeply rooted with Nepal – decide to initiate a sustainable reconstruction project: the construction of a school, a health center and a lodge which are self-financing, operated by locals and intended to make a sustainable contribution towards reconstruction.

Also involved in the project are David Kreiner, Olympic champion in the Nordic combined, and aspiring mountain guide, as well as former Air Race world champion Hannes Arch.

We accompany the team during the first steps toward realization of the project.

During the three week trip, which is for the most part completed on foot, the on-site situation is shocking. In the particularly affected village Ripchet the group is able to provide help with their endeavor. Hardly a building has survived the disaster intact, not even the school. The project is sponsored from donations provided by the aid organization SOS Nepal founded by the group. Architect Axel Naglich personally takes care of planning efforts for the building.

The great hope is that the social life and economy in the region recover through this project and mountain tourism is also revived. After all, Nepal is still among the world’s most fascinating places for mountaineers and nature lovers.

Our documentary is a journey into a mountain region which features breathtaking beauty. Eight of the world’s ten highest mountains are to be found there. It is not without good cause that Nepal is among the most atmospheric, scenically attractive and at the same time most mystical countries on earth.

But the documentary also shows how the Nepalese deal with the effects of the quake, which consequences they have for their lives, and how they can partially normalize their lives again thanks to help.

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